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Whiting Power Systems Ltd is one of New Zealand's marine engine industry leaders.

71% of the surface of the earth is water, which is reason enough to enjoy life on the ocean. And you certainly will on a vessel with a Yanmar, MAN or Lugger diesel engine below deck, since the experience of freedom and adventure at sea is then coupled with the fascination of extraordinary technology in the engine room.

Established in 1993, Whiting Power Systems continues its success by promoting only the highest quality marine and industrial engines, engine spare parts and engine service so you have the satisfaction of purchasing the best products at the best price.

All Whiting Power Systems' activities are supported by a comprehensive Parts Department that services both trade and retail customers with the same level of knowledge and professionalism. Our team of parts interpreter's include trained mechanics and professionals that have served New Zealand's marine industry for many years.

Yanmar Marine diesel engines are structured to facilitate maximum enjoyment of leisure time spent on the water.

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Yanmar Marine is completely dedicated to boating. Yanmar Marine offers engines, drive systems and accessories for all types of boats, from runabouts to sailboats, and from cruisers to mega yachts. In marine leisure boating, the worldwide reputation of Yanmar Marine is second to none.

If you're looking at repowering your vessel, look no further than a purpose-built Yanmar Marine engine. Check out the useful tips in this 'Guide to Repowering'.

Find the best suited Yanmar Marine engine for your vessel, whether it be a Sailing yacht ,Power Boat or Commercial Vessel.


Fish boats, work boats, passenger ferries, yachts, and even circumnavigating long range cruisers all rely on Luggers.

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Lugger builds marine diesels from 70 to 900 HP. These engines, designed for fishermen, have become world renown for long life, fuel economy and reliability. Features such as nodular iron pistons, ceramic seals and freshwater cooled aftercoolers set these propulsion units apart.

Lugger's high torque curves come from superior design, providing an effective and efficient power range. In-line design makes Luggers an obvious choice for tight engine rooms, easing installation and service.


From Rudolf Diesel to the common-rail diesel, MAN engines open up new dimensions on the water.

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MAN diesel engines are exemplary in environmental terms, meeting all of the world's major exhaust regulations.

With powers ranging from 800 to 1800 hp, straight six-cylinder or V8/V12 and their innovative and dependable technology MAN have the engine to suit your luxury yacht, powerboat or commercial vessel.

MAN V8-1200

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