3TNV82A - 29.4hp

3TNV82A - 29.4hp

3TNV82A -29.4hp @ 3000rpm

  Engine Features:

  • Lower exhaust emission
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Compact, Easy to start and operation
  • Fuel efficient
  • Durable and reliable due to designed fuel injection valve and fuel injection pump.

Performance Curve



ArrorIndustrial Variable Speed - 29.4HP @ 3000 RPM

ArrorGenerator Drive - 14.8 @ 1500 RPM

ArrorIrrigation Packs - 29.4 @ 3000 RPM.

3TNV82IP with raditor, air cleaner, muffler, speed controller, TNV-EC150 engine protection, skid base and battery leads.

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ArrorEmission Reduction

Cleaner engines with even lower exhaust emissions are achieved by improving on the already excellent TNE base. Stricter emissions standards are cleared by a wide margin.

ArrorReliable and Durable

The TNV engines now proudly take up the running as Yanmar's premium small industrial diesel. They offer even more enhanced durability due to better block cooling, a stiffer crank and pistons, finer tolerance in the journal, and more. CAE analysis has brought lower vibrations and higher strength to the mounting structure for even better reliability in heavy-duty jobs.

ArrorNozzle Insulation Angle

The installation angle of the fuel injection nozzle is greater than that in conventional engines, so that uneven atomization of fuel between injections can be reduced. Excellent matching between intake swirl ratio and the shape of the combustion chamber has resulted in uniform mixing of fuel in the combustion chamber.

Performance improved such as

  • Combustion efficiency
  • Startability
  • Noise
  • Exhaust emission

ArrorCombustion Chamber

It increase the fluid energy of the air and fuel charge. The swirl effect produced in the chamber continues while combustion occurs, aiding mixing and results in lower exhaust emissions compared to conventional chambers.

ArrorFuel Injection Equipment

A new MP pump has been developed to make improvements over a wide range of areas to even further reduce emissions.

  • High-injection pressure
  • Use of a mono plunger reduces uneven injection between cylinders
  • New mechanical governor maintain cleaner exhausts
  • Minimal variation from chosen revs at low speed using constant pressure valve.

ArrorFuel Injection Nozzle

  • Multiple numbers of very small holes are used to achieve uniform atomization.
  • Holes are not simple drilled, their inside edges are carefully rounded to promote even flow and direction of spray, also to reduce resistance.
  • Low sack nozzle profile improves combustion. Double corn shape protects from cavitation

ArrorNoise Level Reduction

Cylinder Block Noise Reduction.Yanmar's original CAE techniques have optimized the stiffness, minimized transformation and reduced radiant noise. Original CAE technique is used to design a muffler with optimized volumes and sound isolation materials.


Fuel System

  • Fuel oil filter
  • Mechanical fuel feed pump
  • Electrical fuel feed pump

Lube Oil System

  • Oil pan
  • Lube oil pressure switch

Cooling System

  • Pusher type cooling fan
  • Thermosta
  • CW temperature switch

Electrical System

  • Starting motor
  • Stop solenoid
  • Alternator (40A)
  • Glow Plug
  • Air heater

Intake and Exhaust System

  • Intake manifold
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Turbo Charger